We want to serve your ministry

Scheduling and creating events that effectively reach out to your ministry can be hard.  Curtis Needs a Ride provides a comedy show curtailed to your ministries specific needs creating a fun, entertaining event that is always clean, and always funny!

Curtis Needs a Ride would like to perform its renowned self-titled comedy show at your church.  Scheduling is easy and the show is a proven hit.  Other churches in the DFW area have already experienced a night with Curtis Needs a Ride and have talked about it ever since.

“The show was hilarious! It always is. CNAR has the ability to perform, interact with the audience and spontaneously craft a show that has as much comedy as anything I have ever scene.I am not exaggerating.”

— Ryan McCarthy (Christ Chapel Bible Church)

“Loved it! Very creative and engaging. Our students weren’t bored one minute.”

— Matt Fogle (Highland Meadows Christian Church)

The hour long show performed by Curtis Needs a Ride is energy packed and full of hilarity. Our shows are a means to gather together in fellowship and enjoy a show that does not rely on perversion, violence, or other negative pop culture means to provide entertainment. 

I hope that our troupe can provide an opportunity for you and your community to glorify the Lord by providing laughter and joy!