Corporate Trainings and Workshops

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"We’re a better team because of having participated in this."

      - Ericsson (Corporate Training)

Over the years we have spent countless hours studying the art of teamwork and the influence that happiness can have in achieving goals. Our main purpose in being comedians is not to make people laugh. That's fun, but a little shallow. Our main purpose is to bring people together, strengthen community and inspire all towards greatness. 

Bring us in to your next event and we will customize a show to fit your needs.

Sometimes this means an hour-long comedy show built around your unique workplace drama and idiosyncrasies,  other times it means leading your team through games and improvisation routines that will help to improve the culture and climate of your office. 

In our customized workshops, you’ll learn strategies to make your workplace more positive, more productive, and more fun. 

Our workshops offer a unique perspective on work through the lens of improvisational comedy. Our intention is to equip you with some basic tools to foster better relationships, better efficiency, and better community.

Improvisation is an art based on effectively communicating with the people around you. Improv comedy has many applications when dealing with real-world situations. Curtis Needs a Ride has years of experience in the art of improvisation, and in our workshops we teach improvisational comedy with the focus on strengthening relationships and building confidence. We can train your company improvisational techniques to improve communication and have fun while doing it! Our team training is centered around your core company values and will make your team more efficient and more productive.

Company policies?  Team Building? Training manuals? Quarterly safety meetings? - We're not scared. Turn your next training into a fun, memorable experience by letting us help!

If you would like to inquire about a future event that we can help make successful, please click here.