Professional Development

We are changing the dynamic of Professional Developments!

Invite Curtis Needs A Ride to be apart of your professional development schedule and we will deliver strategies to your teachers and staff that can be utilized in classrooms immediately!

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Our goal is to affect a positive culture, and to share the tools we've learned that make good ideas great and reform mistakes into triumphs. We want to share the secret to overcoming stress, pessimism, opposition, and other day-to-day vices and teach how to "flip the script" on negativity. 

We use the tenants of improvisational comedy as a guideline to teach positive tools that facilitate a happier, healthier work and personal life

Some of the topics we discuss are:

Addressing Reluctant Learners | Collaborative Learning | The Power of Positivity | Creating A Supportive Classroom Culture | Fun and Creative Formal Assessments | PLCs | RTIs

Engage Your Campus

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First and foremost we have to engage your staff with ideas and exercises that challenge their thinking. High stress levels are a continual battle in the high stakes field of education. Thus, it is critical to inspire the notion inside EVERY teacher that says “you can make a difference”. But years of difficulty bury that sentiment and some teachers need to be taught tools they can use to engage the students they thought theyʼd lost! We will share useful tools and remind teachers that they can still make a difference. Whether it is a reluctant student, reluctant teacher, or reluctant administrator, Curtis Needs a Ride is sure to engage the toughest reluctant learners.

Improve Campus Culture

Itʼs tough to do anything in life that doesnʼt bring joy. Going through the motions for too long can beat a person down. Just like teachers need to be constantly energized in what theyʼre teaching and what the students are GAINING out of education, we get to SHOW this wonderful group of teachers the power of positivity. Research shows that happiness leads to success, not the other way around.

We want to entertain your teachers to 1) give them a break from the “norm” and 2) show them how THEY can infuse “entertaining” techniques that will create the joy your campus needs to have an environment of success! 

Training Options

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1) The 60 Minute Flyby : Our shortest training will be a fast and entertaining ride that is a combination of group interaction and teaching take-away skills that can be incorporated into the classroom.

2) The Half Day Intensive : This 3 hour training allows us the time to really dive into all of our material, while still leaving half of a day for your school to handle internal matters. We will make sure that EVERYONE gets involved on some level (we are promoting PLCs, after all) and allows us plenty of time to dive into every topic we want to cover.

3) The Full Curtis : Our full day extravaganza is the training we get most excited about. Everyone enjoys the 60 minute Flyby b/c it moves fast and leaves people wanting more. The Full Curtis pushes everyone pretty far. And while we keep the whole day moving at a fun pace, we will embrace the fact that work is hard. School days can be long. And we show how you can tackle those long days (and negative feelings) with tools that will greatly increase your chance of success.

Our message will engage teachers and staff in a way that will improve the culture on your campus, promote supportive collaboration and effective communication.

And all of this will ultimately lead to greater student achievement.

If you would like to inquire about a future event that we can help make successful, please click here.