What is Curtis Needs a Ride?

•     Also known as CNAR, Curtis Needs a Ride is a comedy troupe that specializes in improvisation.  Improv is where scenes and games are created on the spot, normally based around audience suggestions.  Our shows revolve around getting the audience to participate and feel like they are in the show.  

When and where does CNAR perform?

•     We perform everywhere. Whether it is at a retreat, a business meeting, or anywhere your company gathers, we are able to perform for you.  Regardless of the environment or the time of the event we bring a show prepared for any audience or any situation.

Why should you have CNAR at your event?

•     CNAR allows you to make your gatherings more enjoyable and more impactful. We provide an easy, comedic way to transform your events into something entertaining and memorable.  

•     We have trained under locally and nationally known improv comedians such as Four Day Weekend, Charna Halpern, iO and Second City. 

•     CNAR has a proven reputation for quality.  We have performed at comedy venues all over the world and provide a safe, intelligent humor that is suitable for all ages.

•     Because a smile can make any occasion a memorable one.