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We’ve had Curtis Needs A Ride come out to BREWED for many events. (Arts Goggle, BREWED Fest and several Bingo & Brews events) They are amazing and our guest love them.
— Joey Turner (Co-Owner Brewed)
The show was hilarious! It always is. CNAR has the ability to perform, interact with the audience and spontaneously craft a show that has as much comedy as anything I have ever scene.

I am not exaggerating.
— Ryan McCarthy (Christ Chapel Bible Church)
Loved it! Very creative and engaging. Our students weren’t bored one minute.
— Matt Fogle (Higland Meadows Christian Church)
CNAR provided us with a communication and interaction workshop to improve our relations at work. It was fantastic. Very entertaining, very funny and they did a great job of bringing it all around and making it workplace relevant. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!
— Eric H. (CMS/CMHPO)
If you know anything about the local comedy scene, you know improv group, Curtis Needs A Ride.
— Heather Svokos (
If you’ve caught one of their previous shows in Austin, you know how talented and pleasant and dare I say it, well dressed they are.
— Roy Janik (The Hideout Theatre)
These are the funniest guys I have ever met.
— Austin's Mom
I liked that they had an awareness of who we are, and some of the idiosyncrasies of our group.”

I thought they were great. Everyone I talked to loved it.
— James R McCombs (Ericsson)
The entertainment was just what we needed. We all need a good laugh now and then.

A Special Thank you for allowing my 17 year old daughter to enjoy her birthday with you. The pictures turned out great.

God Bless All of you and Safe Journeys.
— Kayla & Linda Miller (St. Elizabeth Lodge)
You guys are amazing, very freakin funny, and I’ll be telling everyone about you.
— Samantha Givens (Enthusiastic Audience Member)
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