MC & Hosting


“We’ve had Curtis Needs A Ride come out to BREWED for many events. They are amazing and our guests love them.”

— Joey Turner (Co-Owner Brewed)


As hosts of the Americas 2018 Engineering Conference for Marriott, we provided 3 days of Emcee support - including custom games, award shows, team-building exercises and speaker introductions. 

Ask us how we can give your event the support it needs, through simply keeping everyone moving on schedule to implementing skits and activities that are sure make it a memorable event. 


We host events all across the DFW area and since we have a background in improv, we'll keep everyone engaged and entertained the whole time. 

Curtis Needs a Ride event hosting is the ideal way to promote a positive environment for celebrations, fundraisers, trainings, concerts, festivals, conferences, corporate meetings, and more.

We provide professional, entertaining, and well-planned emcee hosting, writing, planning, and production assistance for corporate and public events.

With over ten years experience in live event hosting, we are fully equipped to either start from scratch or execute a pre-planned agenda. As your host, we will see to it that your event runs smoothly.

Booking CNAR for hosting allows you to : 

  • Have an event with a fun, productive, and memorable atmosphere.

  • Spend more time enjoying the event instead of running it.

  • KEEP your audience attentive and entertained.

  • Have a full head of hair because you haven't ripped it out from stress. 

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