Professional Development


"CNAR provided us with a communication and interaction workshop to improve our relations at work. It was fantastic. Very entertaining, very funny and they did a great job of bringing it all around and making it workplace relevant. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!"

— Eric H., (CMS/CMHPO)

Our Mission

Our message will engage your team in a way that will improve the culture,  promote supportive collaboration and effective communication. Research shows (as we present in our workshops) that overall “happiness” leads to fewer sick days, improved job performance, and even a longer life! We explore this and many other study-backed principles in our interactive workshop.

Invite Curtis Needs A Ride to be apart of your training schedule and we will deliver strategies to your team that can be utilized in your office space immediately! 

2019 Presentations Available from


Improv in the Workplace | The Power of Positivity |

Creating A Supportive Culture comedic principles in the classroom

Booking CNAR for your next Professional Development will : 

  • ENGAGE your team in a way that will get them out of their daily routines.

  • EXPLORE  new ideas that will help your team to overcome challenges and adapt.

  • ENTERTAIN. We believe if people are laughing, they're learning. This won't be your standard PD Day.